How does the system work?

We install a palm-size monitoring device on your equipment that automatically collects and summarizes data into actionable dashboard and digest for you.

Does it interfere with our current workflow?

Since MATA does not require any manual input, it boosts shop floor transparency without any interference with the workflow.

Do I need to train the machinists to use it?

Since the system is automatic, the machinists do not need any training. The shop efficiency data can also be conveniently available at the machinists’ fingertip as well as on the manager’s screen

What does the system tell me?

The system reveals the true machine utilization number without any manual input. Our data shows which machine/job has long cycle time, long set up time, and spindle idle time, as well as maintenance scheduling.

Are my machines too old for it?

Our monitoring device is compatible with any equipment you have, even for machines that don't have any ethernet/serial port available.