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Intelligent Shop Floor Management Powered by AI

Shop floor management system that removes production bottlenecks and achieves your profitability goals

How confident are you to deliver a job on time? Mata's AI engine finds hidden signals in your data (ERP, MES, machine monitoring, etc.) and provides AI-driven insights to prevent delays and predict future profitability.

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  Less Delays


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Why Mata?

The simplest way to find how bottlenecks affect your profitability

  • Works with your Data Source
  • Monitors your equipment's live status
  • Sends live status text/email alerts
  • Generates weekly status summary

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Trusted by industrial companies of all sizes

  • Alerts you of any unplanned downtime
  • Finds delay factors and improves profitability
  • Works closely with your team to achieve specific goals
  • Brings the latest reliable technologies to your shop floor

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Compatible with Popular ERPs, Quoting Software, and Custom Systems Alike

  • Syncs with any web-based ERP
  • Supports on-premise ERP data exchange
  • Works with data types as simple as Excel/CSV
  • Integrates with Quoting and QA software

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