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Mata's machine monitoring solution has found success in machien shops of all sizes. We help with job scheduling challenges of high-mix,low-volume and machine utilization of high production manufacturing.

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Mata's analytics engine will analyze and find how delay reasons affect your future on-time delivery.

Mata's analytics engine will analyze and find how delay reasons affect your future on-time delivery.

Mata's analytics engine will analyze and find how delay reasons affect your future on-time delivery. Some on-premise ERP may have limited data syncing capabilities. We will provide custom support to have you connected.

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Intelligent Shop Floor Management Powered by AI

Mata finds bottlenecks and your profitability formula with 80%+ future prediction accuracy

How confident are you to deliver a job on time? Mata's AI engine finds hidden signals in your data (ERP, MES, machine monitoring, etc.) and provides AI-driven insights to prevent delays and predict future profitability.

  More Productive

  Less Delays


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Why Mata?

The simplest way to find how bottlenecks affect your profitability

  • Works with your Data Source
  • Monitors your equipment's live status
  • Sends live status text/email alerts
  • Generates weekly status summary

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Trusted by industrial companies of all sizes

  • Alerts you of any unplanned downtime
  • Finds delay factors and improves profitability
  • Works closely with your team to achieve specific goals
  • Brings the latest reliable technologies to your shop floor

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Compatible with Popular ERPs, Quoting Software, and Custom Systems Alike

  • Syncs with any web-based ERP
  • Supports on-premise ERP data exchange
  • Works with data types as simple as Excel/CSV
  • Integrates with Quoting and QA software

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How We Detect Bottlenecks and Predict Productivity for Our Clients

Job Schedules
Auto Data Sync

Excel, Google Docs, In-house/Commercial ERP, ...

Execution Records
Auto Data Sync

Scanning records, QA system, ...

Equipment Status
Auto Data Sync Optional

Machine monitoring, manual reporting, ...

Mata's Analytics Engine

Quoting · Productivity · Bottlenecks

Solve problems before they happen

Identify potential job delays
Predict future profitability
Find the winning formula

Mata AI Features

Mata AI streamlines machine data and operational insights to the palm of your hand. Our dynamic AI infrastructure can help prevent prolonged downtime, find job delay factors, and project profitability goals.


Actionable Intelligence

  • Works with your Data (E2, Jobboss, etc)
  • Finds future delay and profitability trends
  • Is verified working with shops of all sizes
  • Knows your profitability formula

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Profitability Projections

  • Predict monthly productivity
  • Generate yearly forecast
  • Know if you will meet the target
  • Take action predictively

Real-time Monitoring

  • Works with any machines
  • Integrates with your ERP
  • Sends live status alerts
  • Generates weekly status report

Mobile Application

  • Shows live shop status
  • Provides quick machinist reporting access
  • Supports quick job/part/machine search
  • Supports smart text scanning




Bring your data, we show you which problems can be solved before the happen

Have too many jobs to track & challenging deadlines to meet? Receive your weekly delay predictions.

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  • One Seat
  • Weekly Data Sync
  • Future Delay Detection



Let AI monitor your shop 24/7 and alert you of any bottleneck issues

Want to know ahead of time if you will meet the target numbers? Let AI help you solve a problem before it happens.

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  • Full Team Integration
  • Continuous & Automated Data Sync
  • Future Delay Detection
  • Future Profitability Projection
  • Historical Delay Factor Trend
  • Profitability Alerts
  • Feature Request & Development


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Empower AI with live equipment monitoring and get full shop floor transparency

Measure real-time productivity & receive performance/idle alerts. Have full shop floor transparency.

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  • Live Machine Measurements
  • Continuous & Automated Data Sync
  • Future Delay Detection
  • Future Profitability Projection
  • Historical Delay Factor Trend
  • Live Machine Status Alerts
  • Mobile App for Status Feedback
  • Per-shop Optimization

Shop Floor Bottleneck Detection & Profitability Projection Solutions

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Small Job Shops


If you are running a small manufacturing shop with from 1-10 machines - are you always too busy running the shop to go after quality leads? Are you spending a lot of time calculating the profit margin? Mata's sophisticated AI frees you from those duties and helps you find your profitability formula and prioritize action items to work on.

Medium Shops


If the shop you run has around 10-50 machines, are you facing the challenges of finding quality jobs, making sure the machines are running with minimum idle time, and keeping the process lean to stay profitable? Mata's unique tools and expertise help you find out potential delay risk factors and solve a problem before it happens. Mata's productivity projection tool can also help you pick up the early signals whether you will meet your monthly and yearly goals.

High Production Shops


If you are running a production shop that your highest priority is to keep the machines always running, Mata has created a unique cost-effective method to monitor the machine status 24-7. You not only get the best of Mata's AI offering, but also receives real-time performance alerts - whether it is the daily productivity goal, live machine idle alerts, or weekly summary reports.

Mata Always Innovates with Shop Partners

Mata Optimizes Efficiency AI Solutions for Your Shop's Specific Needs

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