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About MATA Inventive

MATA Inventive is a SaaS company with an AI-powered smart manufacturing solution that streamlines machine data and operational insights to the palm of your hand. Our dynamic AI infrastructure can help prevent prolonged downtime by predicting maintenance as well as provide equipment and job lifetime value estimations. We’ve created and combined powerful data with an elegant user-friendly interface so that you can run your business the way you want.

Product Features

Universal Implementation

MATA’s data collection technology can be implemented to all machines with just one piece of hardware regardless of the machine’s brand, make, and age.

& Feedback

MATA’s dashboard and user app bring transparency and efficiency to the shop floor. Management gains access to information, such as machine utilization and machinists performance. The user app allows machinists to stay on top of their tasks, communicate with each other, and provide feedback to the management.

Actionable Intelligence

MATA’s AI modules not only detect anomalies and predicting potential downtime, but also make job and equipment lifetime value estimations, which empower management with information on how to maximize their business’s profitability.

How It Works

MATA’s solution uses a minicomputer and user app to collect machining data, which are streamed to the cloud where they are cleaned and pipelined. The data are then analyzed and visualized on a dashboard along with AI-generated actionable insights.

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