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The glossary contains all the definitions and background knowledge on all of the functions, buttons and all there associated functions. The come up all across the website and here will be the definitions of these functions.


These are the sorting and categorization tools that are involved finding different types and classes of data and machine analytics through out the system.


It provide information, analysis, data, or summaries on a specific topic or subject matter.

Un scanned hour

The amount of time a machine has been running without being checked or monitored through any sensor

Display Setting

The configuration options and preferences that allow to customize the way content is presented

Data Filter

It extract specific data from a dataset based on defined criteria So that it easier to analyse, visualize, or work with a relevant subset of the dataset

Machine Selection

The process of choosing the most suitable machinery or equipment for a specific task or operation


A message or alert provided by a program, mobile app, or other digital system to inform about a particular event, update, or piece of information.


It shows how much a machine is being used in a given time for production.

To calculate the utilization rate, divide the actual machine hours by the capacity hours:

Utilization Rate = (Utilization Machine Hour / Capacity Hour) x 100%


it show that how efficient is the machine is in simple words how


The amount of time given to a machine for a production and it deliver more output in given time

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