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Internal Help

If you find it difficult to understand the knowledgebase, we have again got you covered! We have an exclusive run-through help navigation which explains all the tabs and modules in real-time so that you can understand each function and only then navigate to the next.

The On-Time Delivery AI will give you a walkthrough to use Mata AI to identify job on-time delivery and identify potential bottlenecks. Best use for shop floor overall monitoring and job quoting.

On-Time AI

The Bottleneck detection AI walkthrough helps identify and review meetings and solving hidden production issues.

Bottleneck detection AI

The Schedule Execution AI is a walkthrough to identify job schedule execution. Best used for review meetings and issue tracking.

Schedule Execution AI

The Production details AI is a walkthrough to identify production details. Best used for production planning and issue tracking.

Production details AI

The Live status AI  is a walkthrough to use Mata AI to identify the live status of the current day, week, month, and year of the shop floor.

Live status AI

The Live Notifications AI is a walkthrough to help choose to receive daily and/or real-time alerts. The threshold for utilization alerts can also be selected here. Similarly, the weekly summary email option determines the day of the week to receive the summary report on.

Live Notifications AI

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