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As the name suggests, reports are a culmination of the working hours of all the work centers on the shop floor. You can set a threshold of machine hours which will help you analyze how many hours the machine was free and how many hours the machine is working. The pink color depicts that the machine was working below the threshold value or not working at all. The green color depicts that the machine was working around the threshold value of hours, and the yellow color depicts the total number of hours the machine has worked weekly.

Tabular Representation of Report to view machine running hours

The blue color cells depict the predicted values. You can also set the hours per week that the machine needs to work so that the percentage of machine hours can be viewed so as to help schedule and manage the machines on shop floor intelligently.

Predictions of machine running hours at the end of report

The ‘predict’ button can be used to turn On or OFF the predictions based on your needs and the information required.

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