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Sign In/Login

To experience the awesomeness of our AI, you need to login to the website with a username and password given to you by the team when you sign up for a specific plan. The login credentials will be created based on the registration details filled up and after our team has created an username and password to help you access the dashboard and reports. After the team has successfully created your login credentials, you will receive an email from the team to verify the email.

Verification E-mail

After verifying the email, you will receive a confirmation with your username and password set link where you can set your desired password (Don’t forget to keep it STRONG!).

E-mail to set password

Now you are all set to experience the awesomeness! For logging in to website, you enter the correct username or registered email id along with the correct password. If you are a frequent visitor and do not want to re-enter the username every time you visit the website, just select the ‘Remember Me’ option.

MataInventive Login Page

The Username: This is where the user must enter a desired username (for example “jconnor”). The username may consist of any character. This field is case insensitive, in other words “JConnor” will be the same as “jconnor”.

The Password: This is where the user must enter a desired password (for example “T-1000”). The password must be at least three characters long. This field is case sensitive, in other words “t-1000” is not the same as “T-1000”.

MataInventive Login Id and Username

If at all you forget your password, fret not! We got you covered. Just click on the ‘lost your password?’ link and you will be redirected to our lost password page.

Forgot password reset page

Here, you enter username or registered email id and you will get an email with the password reset link and further instructions. Make sure to remember your password to save time and any further authentication issues that may arise. After you have reset your password, you can come back to the login page and try logging in again.

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