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How We Detect Bottlenecks and Predict Productivity for Our Clients

Mata's shop floor management software that combines industrial AI with your shop floor data to predict production bottlenecks. Production analytics that work with any equipment and data source.

Job Schedules
Auto Data Sync

Excel, Google Docs, In-house/Commercial ERP, ...

Execution Records
Auto Data Sync

Scanning records, QA system, ...

Equipment Status
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Machine monitoring, manual reporting, ...

Mata's Analytics Engine

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Solve problems before they happen

Identify potential job delays
Predict future profitability
Find the winning formula

Mata AI Features

Mata AI streamlines machine data and operational insights to the palm of your hand. Our dynamic AI infrastructure can help prevent prolonged downtime, find job delay factors, and project profitability goals.


Actionable Intelligence

  • Works with your Data (E2, Jobboss, etc)
  • Finds future delay and profitability trends
  • Is verified working with shops of all sizes
  • Knows your profitability formula

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Profitability Projections

  • Predict monthly productivity
  • Generate yearly forecast
  • Know if you will meet the target
  • Take action predictively

Real-time Monitoring

  • Works with any machines
  • Integrates with your ERP
  • Sends live status alerts
  • Generates weekly status report

Mobile Application

  • Shows live shop status
  • Provides quick machinist reporting access
  • Supports quick job/part/machine search
  • Supports smart text scanning