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Shop Floor Bottleneck Detection & Profitability Projection Solutions

Different industrial focus requires different smart manufacturing approach. Some may benefit from real-time shop floor data collection, and for some may be manufacturing analysis.

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Small Job Shops


If you are running a small manufacturing shop with from 1-10 machines - are you always too busy running the shop to go after quality leads? Are you spending a lot of time calculating the profit margin? Mata's sophisticated AI frees you from those duties and helps you find your profitability formula and prioritize action items to work on.

Medium Shops


If the shop you run has around 10-50 machines, are you facing the challenges of finding quality jobs, making sure the machines are running with minimum idle time, and keeping the process lean to stay profitable? Mata's unique tools and expertise help you find out potential delay risk factors and solve a problem before it happens. Mata's productivity projection tool can also help you pick up the early signals whether you will meet your monthly and yearly goals.

High Production Shops


If you are running a production shop that your highest priority is to keep the machines always running, Mata has created a unique cost-effective method to monitor the machine status 24-7. You not only get the best of Mata's AI offering, but also receives real-time performance alerts - whether it is the daily productivity goal, live machine idle alerts, or weekly summary reports.