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Team Settings

Team settings help you add new team members, for example, if there is a team of engineers handling the shop floor of a company, then the whole team can be given access by inserting their email ids. Once you send them an invite, they will have to activate the account by following instructions in that email and once their account is activated, you will be able to see them in the ‘activated team members’ column. If a team member is to be removed access, then you can revoke access by using the red ‘revoke’ button and the access from the selected user email id will be removed.

Adding users/team members to MataInventive’s AI

Facility Settings

The ERP settings include the ERP integration details that need to be added for the data to successfully flow from ERP to MATA’s AI.

Details for ERP integration

The Facility schedules include setting working hours which will help the AI to identify efficiency of work centers, technicians, job statuses, identify delays, etc. If there are work shifts, then you can set the work shifts as well. This will help the AI to identify which technician works which shift and in turn determine the shift with most efficiency and least efficiency.

Details for setting the work hours and work shift schedules

Notification Settings

The notification settings give you the liberty to get notified for any alerts that the AI detects. You can set the type of daily summary alert you want through email or text message. You can also set the job reporting schedule (reporting can be every 15 mins, 30 mins and so on). You can also set a weekly/monthly report that will be sent with all the alerts and machine/technician statistics on that particular date. The live notification schedules allow you to get daily/weekly/monthly and yearly notifications based on the notification window that you set.

Details for type of notifications/Alerts to the users

By selecting the kind of notifications each users receives, you agree to receiving all updates and alerts through the chosen method, via email or text messages.

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