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This tab shows all the subscribed plans that are associated with your account. You can explore and subscribe to more plans by clicking on the button below:

Order Cart

Order cart is a place where you can find your subscriptions that you wish to subscribe to, but haven’t subscribed. It works like amazon cart where you will find all the services you need to subscribe to before checking out and paying for them.

User Info

User info is unique to every user which contains the user’s contact details like Name, Username, nickname, display name, email, Biographical info, password, Organization and Phone no. You can change and update at the information at any time and also like the information to your social media accounts like Google + or Facebook.

Account Details

The account details are a one stop solution related to your account which contains orders, subscriptions, downloads, addresses, payment methods, etc. You can change and update the information at any point of time here.

Log Out

Log out is straightforward! You can directly log out of your account when you have experienced the awesomeness of our AI and come back whenever you want, and you will still find us here!

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